Wireless mouse/keyboard

for your PC/Mac

Mobile PowerPoint/Keynotes slides

no tethering to your laptop

Rich set of media player hotkeys

for lean-back experience


Support iOS dark/light keyboard

rich themes for your mood

Wi-Fi based connections

(using Bluetooth or Celluar network ?)



Let's get started!

Install Remote:Mouse/Keyboard App on your iPhone or iPad

Install WiFiSendServer on your computers. ( Download )

Make sure that your iOS device and computer join the same network

It only takes 3 steps!


Using Bluetooth or Cellular instead?

Bluetooth/WiFi Tethering

(1)Apple's Hotspot Setup Guide
(2)For Windows environment, you need to configure your iPhone Access Point


To connect iOS device and computer over the Internet, please follow the steps listed below:
  • Set up new port forwarding on router. Port forwarding makes computers behind router accessible to iOS device through the Internet. In general, there are 4 values you need to enter:
    • Local IP is the internal IP address of the computer you are connecting to
    • Remote or external port number is 57329
    • Local or internal port number is 57329
    • Protocol is TCP
    For more details please refer to your router documentation
  • Visit whatismyipaddess whatismyipaddress from your computer to find external IP address
  • Launch Remote app from iOS device. Tap button and then manually input above external IP address and port number (57329)




Windows Server Installation

  • Launch browser from your PC and visit http://www.benzle.com/
  • Click on “PC/Mac Server Downloads” button and select a link that matches to your Windows environment
  • Double click on the program download from step 2 to install the server software
  • After installation is done, there should be a new WiFiSendServer icon on Windows notification area (lower right corner of the screen)

MacOS X Server Installation

  • Launch browser from your Mac and visit http://www.benzle.com
  • Click on “PC/Mac Server Downloads” button, select “Mac OS X” option to download WiDiSendServer.dmg file
  • Drag WiFiSendserver to Applications folder
  • Double click WiFiSendServer under Applications folder
  • There should be a new WiFiSendServer icon on system tray


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